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Some of the most magnificent works of art have not been made by man or woman, but by nature.  At least I would argue that!  I am talking about nature's flowers, which have been a beautiful subject for art pieces throughout the ages.   

This spring I decided that I wanted to make some sort of textile art piece to honor the beauty of flowers.   So I got to browsing a lot of photos on my favorite website pinterest and stumbled upon, the "Superbloom".   This is a natural event that takes place in certain years where simple little flowers spring up and cover the entire hillside in splashes of bright lavender, orange, whites and yellows.  I have never seen it in person but I hear it's a magnificent sight! 

While doing more browsing, I also came across some photos of some gorgeous flowers -- mostly peonies.  What came to mind was that nature does it so effortlessly.  Try stitching a stumpwork flower or making it out of crepe paper and you will realize how much work it is!  Yet nature does it so effortlessly and on such a large and small scale, all at the same time.  The colors, the arrangement, how could a simple design of a flower be so beautiful?

Hope you find some beauty and inspiration out of it!