Join me for a virtual embroidery class via Zoom to learn how to embroider this wonderful pink goldwork butterfly using DMC Satin Floss and goldwork materials.  The class will take place over 5 hours in a single session.  A kit is required for the class and is included with the price of the class. It is an ideal class for beginners to goldwork embroidery but all levels are more than welcome as this has been wonderfully received by stitchers of all levels!



Classes may be scheduled for dates starting in August 2023.  If you are interested in having this class taught with your organization or chapter, please fill out the form below to schedule a date!



This is a 5-hour single session class.  However, if your group/organization prefers, it can be split into 2 separate 2.5 hour sessions as well.

The class will go over:

- How to satin stitch with DMC Satin Floss
- How to apply crystals
- How to apply goldwork bright check in chipwork fashion
- How to apply pearl purl and gilt twist 
- How to stabilize and finish for option 1: brooch pin or option 2: hair pin


Online workshop requirements

The class will be taught using Zoom online meeting software.

Instructions on downloading and installing the Zoom app will be sent to you before class.  Zoom Meeting details will be sent in advance as well.  A Zoom account is not required to attend the Zoom meeting.


About the class

I pay a lot of attention to my students and provide support for the project even after the class is over.  My hope is for every student to complete the project and have a nice butterfly to keep!

For my online clases, I use the laptop camera so that you can see my face as well as a macro lens camera so that you can see all of my techniques on the embroidery up close and in detail. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me or fill out the form below with dates preferred or any questions.  I’m looking forward to seeing you!


About the kit

Course cost includes the class kit.  Kits include:

- Crystal Navette & Precision Cut Crystals
- Bright Check
- Gilt Passing
- Pearl Purl
- DMC Satin Floss
- Organza Fabric
- Embroidery Hoop & Twill Tape
- Embroidery Needles
- Embroidery Thread
- UltraSuede Backing Fabric
- Optional Brooch Pin Piece or Hair Pin
- Optional Clamps for Hands Free Setup


Please enter your email and date for which you would like to schedule a class session.  You may also use the form to ask any questions as well!  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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