Online Pink Goldwork Butterfly Class!


This dainty butterfly is a wonderful modern take using traditional goldwork embroidery techniques.  This online course is open to embroiderers of all levels!

This 2 week online course is perfect for embroiderers who want to learn goldwork embroidery & shading techniques while creating a wonderful dainty and sparkly little pink butterfly!

This course will take place over 2 weeks, includes detailed step-by-step videos all filmed in high-definition DSLR camera.  Course includes your very own kit with the following materials:



This is a 2 week online class of pre-recorded step-by-step videos.  Videos are released in batches, at the beginning of the first week and ending the second week.  Throughout the 2 weeks, you will have email access to ask me questions.

The class will go over:

- How to satin stitch with DMC Satin Floss
- How to apply crystals
- How to apply goldwork bright check in chipwork fashion
- How to apply pearl purl and gilt twist 
- How to stabilize and finish for option 1: brooch pin or option 2: hair pin or option 3: standalone figurine


Online workshop requirements

The class will be offered through the Teachable platform.  You will need to signup and provide your email to gain access to the course videos.


About the class

I pay a lot of attention to my students and provide support for the project even after the class is over.  My hope is for every student to complete the project and have a nice butterfly to keep! 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me or fill out the form below with dates preferred or any questions.  I’m looking forward to seeing you!


About the kit

Course cost includes the class kit.  Kits include:

- Crystal Navette & Precision Cut Crystals
- Bright Check
- Gilt Passing
- Pearl Purl
- DMC Satin Floss
- Organza Fabric
- Embroidery Hoop & Twill Tape
- Embroidery Needles
- Embroidery Thread
- UltraSuede Backing Fabric
- Optional Brooch Pin Piece or Hair Pin
- Optional Clamps for Hands Free Setup

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