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Connie's Joy of Embroidery

Embroidered Butterfly Greeting Card Online Class

Embroidered Butterfly Greeting Card Online Class

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Learn how to embroider these stunning butterfly cards!  Class is offered via Teachable platform with complete step-by-step videos detailing how to stitch these wonderful butterflies.  All videos have been filmed with DSLR high definition camera and includes the use of macro lens for detailed up-close shots of each stitch and step.

Students will have email access to me (the instructor) to ask questions and get feedback on their work.  I want you to have a beautiful finished card to give out to friends, family, or for personal keepsake!  Some of my students in the past have framed it, given out as cards for Mother's Day, birthdays, gift cards, weddings, donations to hospices and Get Well wishes for members of their embroidery chapter.  Students who have embroidered this design have really enjoyed it and love the beautiful shiny and iridescent sequins you get to work with!

Once you've made a purchase, you will receive an email containing a link to the Teachable platform where you can start to view the video lessons.


Techniques Covered in Class:

* Stem stitching with metallic thread

* Application of sequins

* Modified satin stitch

* Transferring design into greeting card

* Finishing and mounting onto card


Card Making Kit includes:

* Gold & Metallic Brown Sequins

* Pastel Pink, Mint, Orange and Lavender Sequins

* Crystal AB & Iridescent Sequins

* Iridescent Sequins

* Light Gold Metallic Floss

* 2 Sets of Greeting Card & Envelope

* Metallic Thread

* Craft 3-in-1 Glue Sample Size

* Flutter Trail & Butterfly Pattern

* Felt Sheet for Design Transfer

* Needle Set

* Base Fabric Sheets

* White & Light Lavender Seed Beads

* Pen for Tracing

* Embroidery Hoop & Twill Tape

* Hands Free Setup Clamps

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